Paper materiae

Paper packaging materials have the characteristics of environmental protection, recycling and cost saving. With the increasing requirements for environmental protection of packaging materials jin the entire internationat market, paper packag- ing materials are the preferred packaging materials. In addition to environmental protection, there is another paper packaging material. The characteristic is that it can quickly pass the commodity inspectiongate to achieve the purpose of rapid logistics and cost saving.


Aluminum foil material

Aluminum foil paper refers to paper made of aluminum; foif backing paper and aluminum foil pasting and bonding. It is soft and easily deformed, like paper, and does not rebound after deformation, It can be qualitatively guaranteed to shading, wil not fal, opaque, pollu- tion-free, and inexpensive. It is used for moisture-proof and decorative packaging of high-grade cigarettes, candy and other foods.


Plastic materiae

Plastic fiIm is widely used in daily life, involving agricule ture, industry, food, medicine and other felds. Plastic fIm has many advantages such as high toughness, tensile strength, corrosion resistance, heat resistance, heat preservation, strong light transmission, and wide use. But if used improperly, there are also certain hidden dangers.


Self-adhesive material

Widely used in: food, electrical products, office, household products, automobile and other trademark labels, signs, nameplates for printing and processing of self-adhesive materials, label surface substrate, adhesives, anti-sticking paper and anti-sticking film, types Quite rich. Meet the different needs of various industries.


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