Taking customers as the center, making files for each machine that leaves the factory, and providing the accessories that customers need to replace (users take photos or provide videos), "Gaobao" will cooperate and provide them as quickly as possible. Provide one-year warranty after-sales service and lifetime maintenance.


Warranty commitment: The product will be guaranteed for one year from the date of commissioning.

Debugging service: After the product arrives at the customer's site, we will send technical personnel to be responsible for the installation and commissioning of the customer, and train the customer's operation and maintenance personnel. After the customer has passed the acceptance and signed, he can leave the customer's unit.

Training service: If the customer proposes to send personnel to our company for training, we will arrange a fully-skilled person for the training and the training period is usually one week.

(1) Train the equipment for normal use and operation procedures.

(2) Training on common sense of daily maintenance of equipment.

(3) Conduct training on the introduction of equipment after-sales service content and solutions.

(4) Inform the introduction and contact information of the after-sales service of the equipment.


The national 24-hour after-sales hotline provides telephone consultation services.

Video solutions for emergency equipment failures. (Users need to provide their own video system and equipment) Our technicians analyze the video problems and guide the customer's technicians to solve the problems encountered.

Provide online FAQs.


Lifetime service: After the warranty period expires, we will provide all customers with lifelong service, and provide customers with equipment upgrades and maintenance services on a regular basis.

Archive service: After the contract is executed, we will establish an archive for the customer. The archive includes the purchase and sale contract, technical parameters, production order, commissioning report and acceptance form, relevant technical drawings, etc.

After-sales service  E-mal:gaobao@gaobao.co

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