2021 "Gaobao Business School" and "Black Bull Special Training Camp", to create a learning enterprise organization and enhance team cohesion!

Release Time: 2021/5/25

Expanding training challenges not only physical fitness, but also the sublimation of consciousness.

It is not only the individual, but also the team. Behind a company that continues to grow,
It is inseparable from the collaboration between each team and each department. The team
and the enterprise have inherent unity. Without an excellent team, it is impossible to achieve an excellent enterprise.

On the day before the May 1st holiday, KBA organized all employees to conduct “Black Bull Special

Training Camp”Outdoor Development Activities:Training on the battlefield, trusting back throwing, survival wall...
The family's company and growth throughout the day will bring everyone's hearts closer together.

break the ice and set sail

ICE-BREAK——Satya’s iceberg theory: human consciousness is like an iceberg, and the visible part is at sea

level Above, and the larger part is the ambush below sea level.

The ice-breaking game runs throughout, fully demonstrates the creativity and passion of the trainees,

gathers the wisdom of everyone, and condenses the sense of innovation,Show the team style,
quickly form a team with a sense of common mission! Prepare mentally and physically for training;

Through“Breaking the ice”, enhance mutual understanding and understanding between team members,

encourage communication, eliminate mutual separation and bring closer distance;Create a team
atmosphere during the initial team building to complete various tasks and form an initial unified team.

Trusted back fall


Standing on a table with a height of about 1.5-1.7 meters, the body falls straight back and falls into the arms of the teammate below.

Through physical contact, participants break the gap between everyone, challenge themselves,

improve their psychological quality, overcome personal fears, and develop their ability to empathize.

Through this link of the game, team members have cultivated mutual trust and felt the power of trust,

regulated the relationship between self-behavior and the interests of departments and enterprises, and enhanced cohesion.

The coach organizes everyone’s interactive experience, energizes the team atmosphere, and harmonizes with the team members.


The most beautiful aspect of life is the bright smiling faces like sunflowers.


Card Wind and Cloud


In the event project, colleagues like a mirror to see their irritability, complaints and other emotions in daily life and work,

everyone is deeply I have experienced the importance of division of labor, execution, teamwork,
and communication in team management. Will not to abandon, not to give up, to persevere.

Unity for survival wall


All members of the team climbed over a 4.2-meter-high smooth wall within the specified time.

The only resource available was everyone’s body.Facing the high wall, as the coach gave an order,
everyone used the shortest three minutes to formulate a strategy and saw that their partners took
the initiative to be the ladder without complaints. Each of his strong shoulders, trusting eyes,
Faces flushed due to suffocation, sweat flowing on their faces, everyone is climbing
up with the shoulders of people around them,and finally smoothly , And completed the task ahead of schedule.

Looking back at this wall, how many times in our lives have we been timid, given up, and missed in

front of such a high wall. Who has become the human ladder at our feet,
and who has tried his best to pull us across the walls of life one after another.

Everyone has gained survival skills, safety awareness and protection awareness in times of crisis.

More cohesion within and between teams. Experienced efficient discussion,
reasonable and fast decision-making, courage to practice, and continuous experimentation.

If we are united, we will not return if we fail to achieve our goals.


Summary sharing


Through this outdoor training camp expansion, I saw the contribution and touch of every participant!

The success of the team requires the joint efforts of each of our partners!Faced with a higher standard and stricter
social environment and market competition, only in the work can continue to find and improve the problems,
how to better improve the department And its own work efficiency,Improve the existing work processes and
work methods, coordinate with the work of the coordination department, and have a sense of
responsibility and responsibility, so that we can constantly promote ourselves in work and life to become better Yourself!
Foresight, quality is the treasure, only an excellent team can make high-quality products and provide high-quality services.
In the future, KBA strives for paper, aluminum and platinum,Plastic and other coil companies provide more excellent paper
cutting equipment and application solutions, win customers with focus, and create value with strength.


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